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Monday, September 11, 2006

where were you five years ago today?

Probably 9/11 was a signficant day for many, either because of lost relatives or even luckily surviving the crash.. those people do traumatically remember well what had happened that day. But I guess even the people who didn't directly experience the catastropy have their own stories about 9/11..

on flickr.com Jennifer Hawke has started this post related to people's experiences about that horrible day... what were you doing at the time of the crash? Well, here goes my story:

I was working in Lisbon at the time for a design agency. It was lunch time and we had gone out to eat at the nearby shopping center. As we were walking back to the car, we saw a big crowd of people watching tv in front of an electronics shop. In fact this could have been a normal scene in Portugal during important football games or so.. but there was nothing important that day to happen.. so I was curious. What I could see through a couple of people was the twin towers one of which was in flames-I still remember the exact picture. We hurried up to go back to the office not knowing what caused the fire. When we arrived we saw our colleauges in the transparent meeting room watching the tv, as we approached to ask what had happened the second plane just crashed into the next tower. It was horrible, all I could think of was how rescue teams could save people from the fire... I didn't care why it happened and how, but really worried about the innocent and all they had been / were to be through..

the rest of my day was just like anybody's... watching the tv and not beliving the stupidity of what had happened... and no one worked in Portugal that day...


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