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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

canned PhDs??

Photo taken by Alex, in Taipei

How would you like your PhD? Canned or fresh? as written on the box, yes a PhD takes four years to complete, probably if you buy a canned one you can use it whenever you want, the fresh ones are more problematic, because you have already started the process..

Well, as a PhD student at the moment, seeing these cans made me smile. And a s a PhD student who is about to finish and have her title soon (yay!) I started to think how easy and difficult it was to go through this whole process of scientific research. Therefore, I dedicate this photo to all my fellow PhD students who have just started or about to finish. All I can say is: Just enjoy every moment of it and realise it is worth to undergo the difficulties!
For me it has been a very special four years, in a way I'm sad that it is about to be over.. but I know that something 'very nice' (and whatever that is) is waiting for me afterwards! :)


Blogger Hana said...

Hi, I know your blog is a bit old but I am a know PhD student about to start my first quarter and I saw the cans of PhD's. Pretty funny stuff. Too bad I couldn't just by the PhD at the super market.

11:38 PM


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